Ditch the Gym! Stay at Home

It has been said that 70 percent of the healthy body is formed in the kitchen and the remaining 30 percent is made in the gym. But the truth is that a healthy body is made totally in your home. As it is in your home where you make all the decisions to eat what is right for you and also to exercise, and home is where you struggle to go out for the exercise at the gym.

The gym is no doubt an important place to go for a perfect workout and to get fit. But the good news is that you don’t have to necessarily struggle to get out of the door to get in the shape. You can also burn the excess calories at your own home.
Let us discuss How can you burn calories at home:

Exercises that you can do at home
For functional training of the body, body weight exercises are the best exercises. Doing the exercises like leg lifts, chin-ups,  push-ups, jump-squats, and crunches will give you the strength that is needed to do the daily activities of life easily. There are other hundreds of exercises that you can easily perform at home without the use of weights.

Exercises with the help of Simple Equipment
If you want to do a more targeted workout for muscles like triceps, biceps and your shoulders, then it is good to have a few weights in your home. You need to buy some kettlebells or a pair of dumbbells. The dumbbell should be 50 pounds each. This equipment is handy and will be enough for a lot of exercises you want to do, and hopefully, you would not be needing anything more than these two for exercising at home. Other simple things are: a yoga mat for covering the floor where you will work out, a stability ball for working out on your core. You will also need some resistance bands for replacement of free weights. A water bottle, a stopwatch, and a heart rate monitor are also needed.

Set Up your own Space
If you are thinking of exercising at home, then you should set up a wee ventilated space for hot days and a warm space for cold days. The space area should be three paces long and wide to carry out the exercises you are doing. However, the wider area is always a better choice. The wider space will give you the freedom to do a lot of exercises easily. Make sure to keep the area neat and clean, and also it should have the equipment at hand for all the exercises.

Ask for Help
Initially, when the exercises are being done with the body weight, it may become very difficult for you. So for exercises where you might be needing help in the initial stages of your workout like pull-ups, you can work out with some friend to get help from them. It will also keep you motivated and will also aid in pushing yourself for these tough exercises.

Make the Exercise time as Fun Time
You should never opt for something you detest. Going for an exercise program that you don’t like will make you leave it in the middle.

Therefore, it is important to go for a workout that is enjoyable, and which you can easily do for five times a week. Choose such body-weight workout, a workout video, an online training program, or a fun routine that can be carried out in all circumstances.