14 Helpful And Effective Ways To Look Younger Always

Who does not want to look young and fresh? Everyone in the world loves to look young and great. Here are a few tips to keep you young and fresh always:
1. Smile more often:
It is said that: Happiest girls are the prettiest. In a recent research conducted to guess the age of participants using their photographs revealed that happy faces in pictures were rated as younger looking.
2. Relax:
Hair tied up in a too tight pony tail or any accessory that makes you uncomfortable is not a good idea to carry. Being comfortable in anything you’re wearing is the core to gaining confidence, being active and looking looks.
3. Exfoliate:
Every now and then use facial scrubs to rub off any dead cells on your skin. It also gives a natural blush to your cheeks.
4. Go Natural:
While applying makeup, try not overdoing it. Try wearing natural looking makeup as too much makeover makes you look older. So, the lesser the makeup, the better.
5. Take care of Wrinkles:
Eat healthy to avoid wrinkles in the first place. Reduce screen time and do relaxation exercises and yoga. Any beauty creams with vitamin E and elastin collagen help wrinkles from appearing and give a flawless skin.
6. Take care of age spots:
Age spots can be dealt with using concealers, and BB creams as their pigmented properties give smooth finishing. Avoid unnecessary sun exposure and use sunscreens on a daily basis.
7. Lashes
Lash curlers give natural looking curls to your lashes and make them look longer. It gives your eyes bigger and more open effect. Use mascara to add thickened and enhanced look to lashes.
8. Hair:
Always keep your hair trimmed from the ends. Short front or side bangs also add a softer look to the face. Washing your hair every day does more damage than good. It washes away natural oils off your scalp that keep hair healthy and make longer. Several Dry shampoos are available in markets and help restore natural hair oils. Corn starch can be used as an alternative.
9. Hair color:
Lighter hair color with high/low lights makes your skin looks lighter and gives a youthful, fresh and energetic look.
10. Take care of your teeth:
Teeth are a very important part that is mostly on display. Whenever we talk, laugh or eat, our teeth show. Having yellow teeth make you look unattractive and old. There are many teeth whitening products available in the market that whiten teeth (whitening strips etc.).
11. Lips:
Use light and soft colors on lips to give a natural and soft look as it makes lips look fuller.
12. Take care of your hands:
Learn to do manicure and do them once every two weeks. Use foot scrubs and exfoliate dead skin. Use hand creams and always keep your hand moisture. Your hands tell a lot about your age and personality. Wear hand jewelry and nail colors.
13. Take care of feet:
Learn to do pedicure and do them twice a month. Use foot scrubs and exfoliate dead skin. Your feet tell about your age, personality, and hygiene.
14. Use Fragrance:
Using fragrances or perfumes make you look half your age. Literally!